RFI’s David Trimble Interviewed by Laboratory of Religious Freedom in Poland

June 3, 2022

In a November 2021 interview for the Academy of Freedom series of the Laboratory of Religious Freedom in Poland, David Trimble, Director of RFI’s National Center for Religious Freedom Education, discussed how religious freedom plays a critical role in securing and strengthening other freedoms in society. He also noted how religious liberty contributes to a host of other societal goods. 

The American Founders, Trimble explained, viewed religious freedom as an inalienable right, meaning:

Those rights that also should be enjoyed and embraced by every man and woman on the globe, whether they’re in India, Pakistan, Iraq, or Syria. By virtue of our common humanity, they should enjoy those rights as well and every government that is operating in a civil capacity as they should, should defend and protect those fundamental and inalienable rights for their citizens.”

This compelling view of religious freedom, notwithstanding, widespread religious persecution is worsening globally.

“I think if I had to identify the most serious threat to religious freedom in the world today it would be the presence of ideologies that choose to eradicate or repress religious freedom,” said Trimble, citing communism in China as an example. 

He added, “What we see now in America is a ‘cancel culture’ kind of movement and other ideologies that in their own way want to eradicate the right of people to embrace religious truth and to exercise their faith in public life.”

Inaction is not an option. “We must roll up our sleeves and get to work. We must recognize the severity of the problem and the challenges we face with regard to religious persecution around the world,” Trimble concluded.

Watch the full episode: “Akademia Wolności LWR odc. 6, dr David Trimble.”