David K. Trimble

Interim President

David Trimble has led the Religious Freedom Institute's (RFI) public policy and educational initiatives since he joined RFI in 2018. He brings a wealth of experience in international affairs, U.S. public policy, and higher education. After serving as RFI's Vice President for Public Policy and Education, Trimble was named Interim President in March 2024.


Thomas F. Farr

President Emeritus

Thomas Farr, Ph.D. served as President of the Religious Freedom Institute (RFI) from its founding until January 2023. RFI is a non-profit that works to advance religious freedom for everyone, both as a source of individual human dignity and flourishing, and as a source of political stability, economic development, and international security.


Nathan Berkeley

Associate Vice President, U.S. Strategies and Communications

Nathan A. Berkeley serves as the Religious Freedom Institute's Associate Vice President for U.S. Strategies and Communications. Berkeley oversees RFI’s initiatives in the U.S. and efforts to convey its work to a wide range of external audiences. He also supports RFI’s scholars in major research initiatives.


Jim Bennett

Director, National Center for Religious Freedom Education

Jim Bennett is the Director of RFI's National Center for Religious Freedom Education. As a career educator, he has held a variety of faculty and administrative positions at several public and private colleges and universities. His positions of service include Professor, College Dean, and Chief Academic Officer


Jeremy Barker

Associate Vice President, International Strategies

Jeremy P. Barker serves as Associate Vice President of International Strategies for the Religious Freedom Institute. He has worked in rights-based relief, development, and advocacy across the Middle East.