Rediscovering the Meaning of Virtue and the Common Good in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The Virtues Project explores ways that classical traditions of virtue, rooted in the transcendent, might serve as a potent antidote to the plummeting consensus in America on what it means to pursue the common good. Without ignoring or trivializing theological differences between Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the project seeks to foster a shared sense of purpose among scholars, faith leaders, and the broader public to restore an understanding of, and commitment to, the classical virtues that these monotheistic traditions have discovered and professed through the ages. Such a shared grounding can play a positive role in reestablishing a belief that, as a society, we can overcome our differences and jointly pursue the common good.

Our symposium at the University of Chicago in May 2021, and the scholarship that emerges from it, will form the cornerstone of a multi-year effort to re-introduce classical virtues to American culture. This effort will include an academic edited volume with chapters authored by our participating scholars, school curricula, adult training materials, digital learning resources, and much more.

RFI's "Virtues in the Public Square" online course, which is based on the work of the Virtues Project and features many of its scholars, offers a multimedia experiences to university students, graduate students, and professionals. Learn more here.