A Physician’s Credo

October 6, 2023

Andrew Kubick, Deputy Director of RFI’s National Center for Religious Freedom Education, wrote an article published this week in The Pulse of Catholic Medicine, a digital publication of the Catholic Medical Association. In the piece, titled “A Physician’s Credo,” Kubick writes:

I have the privilege of working alongside Alliance Defending Freedom and Christ Medicus Foundation to form the Medical Conscience Rights Initiative (MCRI). There I function as an educator, answering the difficult questions such as What is conscience? Why is it important? How do I explain the reality of conscience to others?

The MCRI focuses on four foundational truths. First, human dignity is intrinsic, not contingent. Second, proper medical care is always life-affirming. Third, the unfailing first principle of medicine remains exceedingly relevant – first, do no harm (primum non nocere). Finally, the First Amendment’s free exercise clause naturally extends to the conscientious practice of health care professionals. These truths inform the work of the MCRI, and are found throughout our print and digital media campaigns, educational resources, grassroots coalition building, direct professional and educational advocacy with state leaders, and expert testimonies.

Read the full article: “A Physician’s Credo.”