The Religious Freedom Institute (RFI) accomplishes its mission through five Action Teams, each endeavoring to advance religious freedom in a particular region or issue area. The Action Teams aim to convince stakeholders in their respective domains that religious freedom is a fundamental human right and that protecting it can help them achieve their own goals—political, economic, strategic, and religious.   


Each regional Action Team has a presence in its geographic area, which provides important proximity to key stakeholders who are vital to advancing religious freedom in their respective societies. RFI’s Action Teams strive to persuade government and civil society leaders — using fact-based, empirically defensible arguments — to adopt greater protections for religious freedom in their societies, both as a matter of respecting human dignity and strengthening their own stability and security.


RFI’s Center for Religious Freedom Education partners with students, teachers, professors, administrators, and others in the education sector across this country to provide rigorous and engaging programs and materials to restore a proper understanding of America’s first freedom.

The International Religious Freedom Policy Action Team drives debate within Western democracies, especially the United States, on why success in advancing religious freedom is in their respective national interests, and why their existing policies require significant reform. In addition to policy research and advocacy, this Action Team also produces religious freedom training for diplomats, parliamentarians, and civil society leaders.

The Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team explores and supports religious freedom from within the traditions of Islam. Its work includes researching the traditions of Islam, developing education programs about Islam and religious freedom, translating resources by Muslims about religious freedom, fostering inclusion of Muslims in religious freedom efforts, both where Muslims are a majority and where they are a minority, and partnering with RFI’s other Action Teams in advocacy.