America’s Seismic Shift in Medical Ethics Threatens Religious Freedom

February 8, 2024

RFI President Eric Patterson and Communications Director Nathan Berkeley wrote an article this week for The Christian Post titled, “America’s seismic shift in medical ethics threatens religious freedom.” “Until only a few years ago,” observe Patterson and Berkeley, “medical ethics was preoccupied with what treatments were appropriate to preserve life. Today, the focus is on finding justifications to disfigure the body or even to destroy life altogether.” They continue:

While we need to reverse this harmful trend, we also need to ensure protection now for those who refuse to go along with it. We must recognize that safeguarding medical conscience rights is essential to defending America’s First Freedom in our present moment.

It used to be that arguments in medical ethics explored how far we should go to save or prolong human life. Today, the two most significant trends involve arguments about ending life prematurely and disfiguring healthy bodies. Both are based on an absolutist view of individual autonomy and are deceptively advanced under the banner of “compassion.” This is true in every domain from the beginning of life to its end — from abortion to assisted suicide and euthanasia to “transgender” surgeries.

Read the full article: “America’s seismic shift in medical ethics threatens religious freedom.”