Eradicating doctrinally orthodox chaplains in the Canadian military

May 27, 2022

In an article published recently in WORLD Magazine titled, “Eradicating doctrinally orthodox chaplains in the Canadian military,” RFI Executive Vice President Eric Patterson discusses the troubling recommendation of an advisory panel of the Canadian government to get rid of morally orthodox military chaplains of the “Abrahamic faiths” for not being “inclusive” enough. Patterson argues:

This is not just an assault on individual chaplains who want to pray in Jesus’ name or refuse to officiate over same-sex marriages. Nor is this just the exclusion of morally orthodox rabbis, imams, and pastors. This is a declaration of war on those who hold morally orthodox, especially Biblical, views.

Patterson explains that part of what is at stake is the effort to “remake the values structure of Canada’s military,” an effort that essentially forces military chaplains “to be complicit in indoctrinating service members in anti-religion sexual orthodoxies or resign.”

He concludes by illuminating what this disturbing development might mean for the United States, and how we ought to respond:

What happens in Canada is often a bitter foretaste of what many want to bring to the United States. We have already seen the beginning of this in the new diversity training foisted on U.S. troops. Citizens must call out the lie that indicts Biblical Christianity for “genocide” and “generational trauma.”

Christians and their orthodox religious allies must demand that their legislators put a stop to the witch-hunting of chaplains and the grandiose social reengineering schemes of radical progressives. Religious freedom for everyone in the military is good for our service personnel, their families, and our countries.

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