Inside Afghanistan After the Fall

Title: Inside Afghanistan After the Fall

Author: Charles M. Ramsey

About: Religious freedom in Afghanistan is spiraling towards an all-time low. There were modest gains made over the past two decades, but the nation is once again at the precipice of disaster. The Taliban exercised a nearly unimpeded takeover of Afghanistan after NATO forces withdrew in the summer of 2021 and the elected government collapsed. 

The rapid fall of the regime sparked an emergency evacuation of the international community and of Afghans who supported their work. With energies focused on the closure of diplomatic offices and the withdrawal, there has been limited contact with actors remaining in Afghanistan. 

RFI Senior Fellow Dr. Charles Ramsey traveled to Afghanistan from May 8-19, 2022 to conduct field research in collaboration with the Religious Freedom Institute to ascertain the situation on the ground, understand actors within the regime, and identify those willing to support policies that protect the rights and dignity of all citizens. Through his research, he engaged with current and former government officials, scholars, university faculty, diplomats, and others to assess the political, religious, and social conditions affecting governance and security in Afghanistan.

Inside Afghanistan After the Fall outlines Dr. Ramsey’s findings and policy recommendations for securing and stabilizing the country. 

Publication Date: July 2022

Suggested Citation: Ramsey, Charles M. “Inside Afghanistan After the Fall.” Religious Freedom Institute, 2022.