Interview | Fr. Dcn. Andrew Bennett, Director of RFI North America Action Team, interviews Dr. John Scott Redd, Reformed Theological Seminary

May 7, 2020

On April 27, 2020, Fr. Dcn. Andrew Bennett, Director of RFI’s North America Action Team, interviewed Dr. John Scott Redd, President of the Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Washington D.C., and welcomed him as a new RFI Senior Fellow.

In his words, Redd’s faith urges him to protect the religious freedom of others:

The human conscience is sacred to God, and sincerity of faith is crucial to finding God. We must not become casual about or neglectful of the notion that religious liberty is a fundamental human right. As a Christian, I am deeply committed to the protection of religious discourse and practice in all societies as a means by which we can love our neighbors and enrich our neighborhoods.

Full bio: Dr. John Scott Redd is the president and associate professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Washington, D.C., as well as an ordained minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. He began his career in media consultation but left the business world to pursue a Master of Divinity at RTS Orlando. Afterwards, Redd completed his doctoral dissertation in the Department of Semitic Language and Egyptian Languages and Literatures at the Catholic University of America. During that time, he taught at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, MD, and ministered at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC. Redd has also taught at Catholic University of America, the Augustine Theological Institute in Malta, the International Training Institute in the Mediterranean basin, and for Third Millennium Ministries. He is currently a board member of the Washington Theological Consortium. Dr. Redd’s interests include literary approaches to the Bible, linguistics and biblical languages, Old Testament theology, and the application of biblical theology in the public square.

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