Miles Windsor Joins RFI’s Middle East Action Team

December 18, 2020, Washington, D.C. – The Religious Freedom Institute (RFI) welcomes Miles Windsor as Senior Manager for Strategy and Campaigns with the Middle East Action Team.

Windsor has over a decade of experience working at the intersection of international affairs and religious freedom, with extensive focus on the Middle East and North Africa. In this work he has advised politicians, human rights organizations, religious communities, and philanthropists on religious freedom violations, and effective strategies to protect persecuted communities and promote religious freedom.

“The Religious Freedom Institute is excited and privileged to have Miles join our team,” said Jeremy Barker, Director of RFI’s Middle East Action Team. “He brings vital connections and strategic thinking to RFI’s efforts to document threats to religious freedom and design effective campaigns to address them. Through his networks and experience in London, Washington, D.C., and across the Middle East and North Africa, Miles has much to contribute to RFI’s work.”

Windsor has enjoyed a vibrant career path with a background in politics serving as a public affairs consultant, an elected representative in London, and a campaign manager during a general election. He also worked early in his career as a journalist with the BBC’s flagship investigative documentary program, ‘Panorama’.

Read more about Windsor in his biography.

Media Contact:
Nathan Berkeley

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