Protecting the Unborn, Mothers, and Medical Ethics: The Stakes of Arkansas’ Amendment

April 3, 2024

RFI’s Andrew Kubick wrote an article published in National Catholic Register this week on the implications of a proposed ballot initiative in Arkansas which aims to enshrine abortion in its state Constitution. Kubick explains the grave problems this type of initiative poses, including the erosion of conscience rights for healthcare professionals and faith-based healthcare institutions that refuse to perform abortions for moral, ethical, or religious reasons. He writes:

How will institutions, professional organizations, licensing bodies and state governments respond to an employee who refuses to accede to a patient’s request to exercise her so-called “constitutional right to abortion”? Will these life-affirming health-care professionals be softly or overtly coerced to participate? Will a concession be made where physicians won’t be forced to participate directly, but will be mandated to write a referral, which is in and of itself morally unacceptable?

If the federal or state governments in America take a heavy-handed approach to Catholic and other faith-based hospitals and health-care professionals that refuse to provide or refer for abortion, what will be the outcome? Can an already-overtaxed U.S. public-health-care system afford the impending influx of patients who would otherwise be treated by faith-based institutions and individuals?

As ballot initiatives press forward in states like Arkansas, voters must see through abortion proponents’ fearmongering and provocations. Voters should confess the truth that there has never been, nor can there ever be, a constitutional right to kill an innocent human being, including those in the womb. Pretending otherwise denigrates the humanity of our youngest brothers and sisters, imperils the health of women, and will be exploited to undermine the conscience rights of health-care professionals and institutions that affirm life and resolve to do no harm.

The inherent dignity of human life and the fundamental right of religious freedom, together, provide an urgent basis for action. Voters must stand firm, state by state, and protect life, health and conscience on the ballot.

Read the full article: “Protecting the Unborn, Mothers, and Medical Ethics: The Stakes of Arkansas’ Amendment.”