Rejecting all things Christian in America

June 10, 2022

In an article published this week in WORLD Magazine, RFI Executive Vice President Eric Patterson examines anti-religious “Rejectors” who aim to blot out believers from our nation’s history, a phenomenon described by Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry in their book Taking Back America for God. Patterson writes:

What is often overlooked and underdiscussed is Whitehead and Perry’s description of anti-religious Americans, usually on the political left, whom they call the “Rejectors.” Faithful Christian citizens ought to carefully consider the startling rejection of the role of Christianity in U.S. history made by Rejecters, which involves a dangerous, anti-Christian worldview that we have seen in countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, and China. 

According to the authors, Rejectors are largely well-educated in state and/or elite institutions, more urban than the rest of Americans, more likely to live in the Northeast, enjoy higher income brackets, and typically not religious. The study identifies 21.5 percent of Americans as Rejectors. 

Rejectors reject any role for religion in today’s public square. Even worse, Rejectors want to eliminate the historical role of Christianity from our history books.

Many, though not all, Rejectors see religion as intolerant, dangerous, and having no legitimate place in America’s public square. According to this mentality, moral claims are only to be made on non-religious, ethical grounds such as utilitarianism or whatever can be reasonably agreed upon via democratic elections or litigation. This group demands that public institutions, especially our schools, must entirely banish religion from the national narrative and in shaping young minds and hearts.

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