Religious Pro-Life Americans Under Attack

Title: Religious Pro-Life Americans Under Attack: A Threat Assessment of Post-Dobbs America

Author: Religious Freedom Institute

About: A range of dangerous actors in the United States today are violently attacking pro-life institutions. As a result, these institutions are facing an increasingly perilous reality in post-Dobbs America: some of the most fervent opponents of pro-life Americans and their institutions have become more malicious and violent in their attacks, which have included arson, death threats, property destruction, and menacing or vile graffiti.

These crimes not only imperil American citizens, their institutions, their property, and, often, their life’s work. When aimed at pro-life congregations and organizations motivated by religious conviction, they also constitute assaults on the inalienable right of religious freedom guaranteed to all Americans in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. As such, they threaten to destroy the pluralism so central to our ability to live in harmony despite our differences—e pluribus unum.

The Religious Freedom Institute (RFI) commissioned a former FBI counter-terrorism and intelligence expert to assess the crimes, and the prospects for future attacks, in the wake of the Dobbs decision.

Publication Date: September 2022

Suggested Citation: “Religious Pro-Life Americans Under Attack: A Threat Assessment of Post-Dobbs America.” Religious Freedom Institute, 2022.