RFI Launches New Film Series: “Religious Freedom Testimonials”

September 22, 2022

Far too many Americans today think religious faith should be privatized, lived out only at home, or in places of worship. RFI’s new film series, Religious Freedom Testimonials, highlights an entirely different vision. The series will showcase Americans from different religious traditions and walks of life witnessing to how they exercise their faith in all areas of their life, and why religious freedom is essential.

The first video in the series features Scott Drew, Head Coach of the Baylor University Men’s Basketball Team, who led the Baylor Bears to win their first NCAA national championship in 2021. Byron Johnson, RFI Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, interviews Coach Drew about the centrality of his Christian faith in coaching and beyond.

The second video in the series features Mike Sweeney, former Major League Baseball player and 2015 inductee into the Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame. Sweeney speaks about the importance of his Catholic faith throughout his career and life, and why religious freedom makes America the country that it is.

The third video in the series features Dan Venezia, former Second Baseman for the Minnesota Twins organization. Venezia shares about his faith conversion after a near-death experience in a car accident, and his gratitude for the gift of religious freedom secured in the American Founding and expressed in his own life.