RFI President Discusses The Satanic Temple and Religious Freedom on Relevant Radio

December 14, 2023

RFI President Eric Patterson joined The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio this week for an interview on recent public activities of The Satanic Temple (TST). For example, in just the last two months TST has sponsored “holiday” displays at a museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin and at the state capitol in Iowa, as well as a lecture at Georgetown University.

Patterson discussed the scope of religious freedom in the context of these developments and commented on the absurdity of an anti-religious group like TST claiming to exercise religious freedom. Patterson also emphasized that, “It is un-American to debase and mock the religions of other people…And private entities should not platform that.” Unfortunately, TST’s penchant for mocking religion (as opposed to exercising one) only scratches the surface for why the group’s religious freedom claims are illegitimate. 

Listen to the full interview here.