RFI President Eric Patterson Speaks about Christian Persecution on Drew Mariani Show

January 5, 2024

RFI President Eric Patterson joined The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio this week to discuss ongoing persecution of Christians in Nigeria, Nicaragua, and elsewhere. The perpetrators of this persecution, Patterson remarked, include government repression of Christians and other religious communities, for example in China and multiple Latin American countries, as well as attacks by non-state actors such as those committed by Islamist terrorists against Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. Patterson commented on the global scale of Christian persecution while also noting its limited coverage in American media:

[Christian persecution] is a global phenomenon. Our media in the United States are now very wrapped up in a presidential election year and political navel-gazing here at home while people are suffering and dying in our own hemisphere, in places like Nicaragua, and violence on an unprecedented scale is occurring in places like Nigeria, in a way that’s particularly devastating.

Listen to the full interview on The Drew Mariani Show: