RFI’s David Trimble Discusses Christian Persecution in the Middle East on The Drew Mariani Show

February 8, 2024

David Trimble, RFI’s Vice President for Public Policy and Education, joined The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio this week to discuss ongoing Christian persecution in the Middle East. Trimble spoke about the extraordinary challenges facing Christians in the Holy Land — in Israel and surrounding territories — often attributable to their status as a “minority within a minority because most of the Christians there are Arabs…crushed between political interests and now [since October 7, 2023] security interests.”

Expanding the geographic scope of the conversation, Trimble noted that Christians throughout the Middle East are “hanging on by a thread” to the point of being “on the verge of extinction.” To illustrate how dire the situation has been, he pointed to the mass atrocities perpetrated against Christians in the Ninevah Plains of northern Iraq as well as other attacks in the surrounding area. All of this has driven more than one million Christians from their ancestral homelands since 2014.

Listen to the full episode (interview begins near the 19:00 mark):