RFI’s Eric Patterson Interviewed on “Ed Stetzer Live” on State of Religious Freedom in U.S. 

July 15, 2022

RFI’s Executive Vice President Eric Patterson was recently interviewed on the “Ed Stetzer Live” radio show to discuss the outcome of Carson v. Makin, in which the Supreme Court rejected Maine’s policy to exclude faith-based schools from its private-school choice program. Patterson discussed this important victory for religious liberty, and provided an overview of the broader religious liberty landscape in the United States.

Patterson also discussed several other recent Supreme Court cases that dealt with religious freedom:

When you look at these recent decisions on religious freedom, they are so obvious that people on the right and the left can get behind them. Ramirez v. Collier in March: 8-1, Shurtleff v. Boston in May: 9-0. So even the liberal court justices recognize that religious people and religious institutions have been attacked for too long.

Additionally, Patterson pointed to a range of growing challenges to religious freedom in the United States, for example, mentioning the Equality Act.

Patterson emphasized that the fight for religious freedom in America has implications far beyond the United States:

If we don’t champion religious freedom in practical steps here in the United States, no one else will. So keeping the light on and the alarms ringing in Washington, D.C. and keeping the collaboration across so many groups…to fight persecution, to fight ethno-religious violence around the world, is critical.

Listen to the full interview: https://www.moodyradio.org/programs/ed-stetzer-live/2022/06/07.02-22-defending-our-religious-liberty/