Stand strong now, with the God-given weapon of Truth

December 22, 2021

In an article in the December 2021 issue of Legatus Magazine, RFI President Tom Farr urges his fellow Catholics to “Stand strong now, with the God-given weapon of Truth.” Legatus, the organization behind the magazine, is a “community of Catholic executives (and their spouses) who desire to bring Christ to the marketplace.”

Farr insists that a commitment to “Freedom ordered to truth,” and ultimately ordered toward Jesus, who is “Truth Himself” in the words of Aquinas, should comprehensively shape how Catholics respond to the many adverse cultural and legal forces around them. Farr points to the Equality Act as an example of one of these forces, which he observes “would subject to civil and criminal penalties any person or institution guilty of ‘discrimination … on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, childbirth….’”

The Equality Act would communicate a pernicious message to society that the traditional sexual morality taught by Islam, Judaism, and Christianity is bigoted, and akin to racism. A closer look at how the Act would be enforced reveals the immediate nature of its threat to religious liberty. Sexual orientation and gender identity uniquely encompass expressions and conduct — they are not morally neutral traits that one merely possesses or exhibits. These identities, thus, have the potential to implicate moral teachings in ways that other protected classes — such as race, ethnicity, and national origin — simply do not.

The Equality Act, as Farr sees it, would amount to a nation-wide assault on religious liberty. Making matters worse, “Corporate, financial, and political support for the bill is vast and growing.”

All Americans who support free exercise of religion and a well-ordered and properly limited government should oppose the Equality Act. And Farr insists to his fellow Catholics that they remain steadfast in opposing it with the “weapon of Truth.”

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