The Horrendous and Maddening Anti-Semitism in New York City

April 26, 2024

RFI Senior Media Fellow Katherine Lopez wrote an article in National Review this week on the need to condemn, and take action against, the evil of anti-Semitism, especially in light of the recent explosion of student protests on college campuses in New York City and beyond. Lopez writes:

Jew-hating did not start at Columbia with the October 7 attacks and will not end there, needless to say. Nor is it limited to New York. People might previously have thought that antisemitism was a thing of the past, but clearly it’s not. And it’s not merely a political issue. It’s evil.

In the midst of the madness and evil in the city of New York, may all Christians pray for our elder brothers and sisters in faith this Passover. Pray for those who have been kidnapped, and remember those whose lives were taken by Hamas. Pray for Jewish students at Columbia and on campuses across the country. There are too many Jews who are rattled and scared and have been taking new efforts to protect their families — simply because they are hated because they are Jewish. That’s evil. We cannot say it enough, but more than saying it, we must insist something be done about it.

professor gets his campus entry card deactivated because the university won’t take efforts to ensure his protection? In the city of New York in 2024? That’s unacceptable.

Read the full article: “The Horrendous and Maddening Antisemitism in New York City.”