A Deeper Look at the Rising Threats to Religious Freedom in America

June 27, 2024

“Anti-faith, anti-reality forces are driving many religious people and institutions out of American public life,” argues RFI President David Trimble in an article published this week in National Catholic Register. “At a deeper level,” Trimble observes, “a pernicious conception of radical individual autonomy that approaches ‘self-apotheosis’ is displacing foundational American principles of God-given human dignity and ordered liberty. As a result, America’s free exercise tradition is now under tremendous strain.” Elaborating further, Trimble writes:

Until a few years ago, most Americans supported religious freedom. The 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, for example, passed with overwhelming, bipartisan support. Americans would sometimes disagree over how to apply religious freedom, but they generally respected it. 

Unfortunately, those days are gone. Dissenters from the elite consensus — which redefines human sexuality, the nature of male and female, marriage, procreation, and the value of human beings at the beginning and end of life — increasingly find themselves subject to government coercion and cultural intimidation. 

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