Affirmation of America’s First Freedoms Begins At Home

January 21, 2021

In an article published yesterday in the National Catholic Register, Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, legal analyst for EWTN News, argues for the recovery of certain bedrock principles of the American experiment, foremost among them, religious freedom. Further, she emphasizes that the U.S. has a particular problem with education in this area. Picciotti-Bayer writes:

We must teach our children about the critical role of religion and religious freedom. It’s an urgent priority because, unfortunately, passing on a solid respect for religious freedom — in addition to a host of other values — has taken a backseat to more popular ideologies in our schools.

“As a Catholic mother,” she writes, “I’m keenly aware of my right and responsibility as primary educator of my children.” Picciotti-Bayer then turns to a key resource, developed by RFI’s Center for Religious Freedom Education, for instructing her own children and for filling America’s growing educational gap when it comes to teaching the meaning and value of religious liberty. She observes:

[RFI’s Center for Religious Freedom Education] is bringing together students, teachers, professors and administrators to provide rigorous and engaging programs and materials to restore a proper understanding of religious freedom. It has put together a wonderful five-lesson unit of study to supplement junior and senior-level high school instruction in private, homeschool, and public school settings called the America’s First Freedom Curriculum (AFFC).

Read the full article: Affirmation of America’s First Freedoms Begins At Home.

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