American Jews and Christians as Co-Laborers in Shared Civilizational Project

June 14, 2024

RFI Senior Legal Fellow Ian Speir authored a piece for the Institute on Religion & Democracy’s blog, Juicy Ecumenism, on “The torrent of antisemitism unleashed on [October 7, 2023, which] has been nowhere more evident than on American college campuses.” “The more ‘elite’ the institution,” Speir continued, “the more vile—and violent—the expression of Jew-hatred by mobs of students, faculty, and paid outsiders.” Speir then put this “torrent of antisemitism” into broader perspective:

What we are witnessing in America, and in the West more broadly, is no temporary spate of hate crimes, no disconnected string of isolated incidents. It is deeper and more existential. It is a civilizational crisis.

In response to this historical moment, Speir called on Jews and Christians in the United States:

to see themselves as co-laborers: in biblical faith, in the spirit of the Hebraic tradition, in the articulation of enduring moral truths, in resistance to godless and dehumanizing ideologies, and in the renewal, building up, and sustaining of American civilization, life, and culture.

Read the full article: “Jews and Christians Together.”