Religious Aid Organizations Serve Ukrainians in Need

March 3, 2022

As the Russian government’s military invasion of Ukraine intensifies, the needs of the Ukrainian people are also intensifying. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing their homes. Estimates of casualties among Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have yet to be reliably tallied, but the numbers are expected to increase dramatically in the coming days and weeks. In sum, the needs of the Ukrainian people cannot be overstated.

Numerous religious institutions, seeking to fulfill the mission they believe God has given them, are working to ease the suffering of Ukrainians whose lives have been ravaged by this war. Though not exhaustive, the list below highlights organizations that are doing this critical work:

*RFI will look to add to this list in the coming weeks.

AP Photo/Sergei Grits

Ukrainian refugees walk along vehicles waiting to cross the border from Ukraine into Moldova.