RFI Senior Fellow Discusses Nomination of LGBTQ Activist for Ambassador to Switzerland on Relevant Radio

August 27, 2021

Todd Huizinga, RFI’s Senior Fellow for Europe and a former U.S. diplomat, discussed President Biden’s nomination of Scott Miller as Ambassador to Switzerland during an interview on The Drew Mariani Show this week. 

Miller serves as co-chair of the board of directors at the Gill Foundation, one of the largest LGBTQ activist foundations in the United States. Tim Gill, founder of the Gill Foundation and partner of Miller, infamously said in a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, “We’re going to punish the wicked,” referring to those who oppose his agenda of imposing “sexual orientation and gender identity” ideology in law.

When asked about the possible effect of Miller’s appointment on American priorities and relations with Switzerland, Huizinga said:

I don’t think there will be a big effect on our relationship with Switzerland, but I do believe it’s very important in that it shows a real conflict in the United States—as there is in Europe—about the whole question of ‘LBGTQ rights’ vs. religious freedom for traditional Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

He continued, “And I think this is the important thing that the appointment of Scott Miller symbolizes: the U.S. is, especially at the UN for example, truly pushing the idea of LGBTQ rights as human rights …” Elaborating on this point, Huizinga added:

Those who believe in ‘LGBTQ rights’ believe they are human rights. And of course, they’re going to promote those as human rights. And they don’t believe, unfortunately, that the right to religious freedom of traditional Christians and other faiths is as important…[which is] a fundamental misunderstanding of what human rights mean.

Listen to the full interview on The Drew Mariani Show.