The 40th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech

In by Katie Jo Larsen

Overview: On Wednesday, March 8th, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation will host a commemoration event on the 40th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech at the Victims of Communism Museum. This event is co-sponsored by the Religious Freedom Institute, Institute of Religion and Democracy, and Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. Dr. Lee Edwards, Reagan biographer and co-founder of the …

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An Idolatrous State Tries to Smother the Church

RFI President Eric Patterson this week published a piece in WORLD Magazine discussing a new report detailing China’s control of religious institutions, which as Patterson highlights, “undermines not just the religious freedom of individual adherents, but also the important role that houses of worship and faith-based organizations play in society.” He writes: China’s government ‘exercises comprehensive and extensive control over …

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Biden vs. Xi on the World Stage

RFI Executive Vice President Eric Patterson wrote a piece published in WORLD Magazine this week in which he discusses the Biden administration’s lack of strategic focus, especially in contrast to China. Patterson argues that the administration has no real strategy, but instead is ready with a radical social and climate agenda, making their approach to international security look particularly undisciplined. …

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The President and His Dangerous Foreign Policy

RFI Executive Vice President Eric Patterson authored an article published yesterday in WORLD Magazine discussing President Biden’s short-sighted foreign policy towards China. In the article, Patterson argues that Biden fails to acknowledge China’s goal of global domination and instead appears to be preoccupied with his own electoral interests. He writes: President Biden met last week with China’s President Xi Jinping. …

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RFI President Addresses Religious Freedom and U.S. Diplomacy on Issues, Etc. Podcast

Prompted by his recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “American Diplomacy Abandons Religious Freedom,” RFI President Tom Farr joined the Issues, Etc. podcast and radio show for a discussion on the state of America’s domestic and international religious freedom policies. During the interview, Farr explained how the United States is compromising its moral leadership abroad by marginalizing religious …

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The President’s Costly Learning Curve on Foreign Policy

RFI Executive Vice President Eric Patterson recently authored an article for WORLD Magazine titled, “The president’s costly learning curve on foreign policy.” Patterson writes: It has now been a year since President Biden gave the disastrous order to abandon our Afghan allies to the Taliban, causing a chaotic withdrawal of Western military and humanitarian organizations. By now it is clear that Biden’s Afghan policy is not …

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American Diplomacy Abandons Religious Freedom

RFI President Tom Farr recently authored an article for Wall Street Journal titled, “American Diplomacy Abandons Religious Freedom.” Farr writes: Americans have never agreed that one religion is true and good, but we’ve accepted the Founders’ view that all people must have the freedom to exercise religion and that this freedom is so sacrosanct it deserves special protection in our Constitution. But that consensus …

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RFI Vice President Appears on EWTN News Nightly Discussing Crisis in Burma

Although the February 2021 military coup is fresh in people’s minds, Burma has been ruled by military leaders or former military leaders for most of the time since independence from the British Empire in 1948. In fact, from 1962-2010, the military directly ruled Burma. In recent years, the military has continued to play a strong role despite a decade of titular civilian leadership. This awkward relationship can be seen in the military’s ethno-religious cleansing camp to rid the country of ethnic Rohingya, a minority Muslim group of making up as much as 1.5 million people of Burma’s 58 million citizens.

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Trump Administration’s executive order could jump-start the cause of global religious freedom

In an article published recently in America, Daniel Philpott, professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame and RFI Senior Associate Scholar, argues that the Trump administration’s Executive Order Advancing International Religious Freedom helps to “lift the U.S. government’s advocacy of religious freedom abroad into high-level foreign policy.” Philpott urges those concerned about global religious freedom not to allow recent domestic controversies to obscure what the order achieves.