Sri Lanka Religious Freedom Landscape Report

Title: Sri Lanka Religious Freedom Landscape Report

Author: Timothy S. Shah

About: The Sri Lanka Religious Freedom Landscape Report provides a thorough analysis of the legal, political, and social conditions that shape religious freedom in this country and the prospects for advancing it in the future.

Despite boasting legal protections
for religious freedom, Sri Lanka
displays significant social intolerance
and religiously motivated violence. While the government does not systemically persecute religious minorities, it is not entirely free from
blame either. Historically, ethnic conflict and tensions have made it difficult for independent Sri Lanka to become a peaceful, multi-religious, and
multi-ethnic country.

Despite nearly 30 years of civil war, and continued tensions between ethnic and religious groups, the
nation is rebuilding a sense of unity, belonging, and common nationhood. This report provides an appraisal of the many challenges to religious freedom that remain in Sri Lanka while also pointing to the current strengths and opportunities for advancing religious freedom there in the future.

Publication Date: August 2020

Recommended Citation: Shah, Timothy S. Sri Lanka Religious Freedom Landscape Report. Religious Freedom Institute, 2020.