RFI’s Senior Fellow Charles Ramsey Interviewed on Plight of Christians in Afghanistan

July 22, 2022

Charles Ramsey, Senior Fellow for RFI’s South and Southeast Asia and Middle East Action Teams, was interviewed yesterday on “The Drew Mariani Show” on Relevant Radio to discuss the status of Afghan Christians since the U.S. military exit almost a year ago. 

Ramsey clarified that what Afghan Christians are facing right now in their home country is not just discrimination, but violent persecution, including public beatings, imprisonment, and even execution. He explained, “We are talking about a very targeted and intentional persecution leading to torture and death.”

For those who would like to help but are far away, Ramsey suggested three things: pray, become informed, and give. 

The first thing we do as people of faith is we pray. We make petitions for these brothers and sisters in Christ part of our daily devotional. We ask our churches and communities to remember them in prayer and to tell their story so we can become spiritually engaged and, secondly, so we can become informed.

Ramsey also emphasized the importance of giving, explaining that Afghanistan currently needs 150 tons of food, which roughly equates to $170 million dollars, in order to make it through this coming winter.

Despite the persecution they face, Ramsey said, “Some of the most inspiring people I’ve met have been Afghan believers, Afghan Christians.” 

Lastly, Ramsey encouraged, “Let’s not forget this. I mean, think of the lives that were invested over the past 20 years… Let’s not drop it now, let’s carry this thing forward. Let’s stay engaged.” 

Listen to the full interview: https://relevantradio.com/2022/07/biden-has-covid/

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