The Ulama, the Modern State, and the Arab Revolutions: A Discussion with Dr. Usaama Al-Azami and Ismail Royer

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VIRTUAL EVENT: On January 20, 2022 at 3pm EST, RFI’s Islam and Religious Action Action Team will hold an event that will be livestreamed on RFI’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook page. OVERVIEW: Ismail Royer, Director of RFI’s Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team, and Dr. Usaama al-Azami, Departmental Lecturer in Contemporary Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford, will undertake …

IRF Summit 2022 Side Event: Religious Freedom Under Fire in Ukraine

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RFI SIDE EVENT ONLINE PREMIERE Join RFI for the online premiere of IRF Summit 2022 Side Event: Religious Freedom Under Fire in Ukraine. The dramatic intensification of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that commenced February 24, 2022 constitutes a shameful and horrific injustice. This event will consider the threats to religious freedom in Ukraine following Russia’s 2014 and current invasion …

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Anuttama Dasa’s American Charter Testimonial

Anuttama Dasa, Governing Body Commissioner and Minister for Communications of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, explains why he signed the American Charter, and why he continues to view its principles as essential today.