Religious Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right


Human rights are fundamental freedoms and protections due to all human persons without exception. Human rights are rooted in human nature and human dignity and in the transcendent source of both. Religious freedom is a fundamental human right, the denial of which in any society constitutes a grave violation.

What in the World is Religious Freedom?by Thomas Farr, November 1, 2019, outlines RFI's basic vision of religious freedom.

“Religious freedom is important for everyone, everywhere. Why? Because religion is important for everyone, everywhere. Human beings are innately religious. Our nature impels us to seek answers to profound questions about ultimate things. If we are not free to pursue those answers, and to live according to the truths we discover, we cannot live a fully human life.

“Religious freedom is therefore the right of all persons to believe, speak, and act – individually and in community with others, in private and in public – in accord with their understanding of ultimate truth.”