Ray Bradley

Associate Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Ray Bradley serves as the Religious Freedom Institute's Associate Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.
A seasoned interdisciplinary executive, communications strategist and strategic partnerships specialist,  Ray has worked across public and private sectors at the nexus of policy, communications, business development, media, marketing, social entrepreneurship and impact investment for more than 20 years. He launched his career at DARPA before serving as a strategic advisor to Joe Ritchie of Fox River Partners and as a policy and communications strategist in the energy sector. Ray has designed and directed enterprise-level growth solutions for private sector ventures, 501c3 organizations and federal clients,  stakeholders in media, energy, philanthropy, venture capital, film and entertainment. He holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Religious Studies from Virginia Tech and has studied at the graduate level at the intersection of theology, narrative anthropology and film. 
A native of the Washington D.C. area, father of four, Boston Red Sox fan, and lifelong waterman who has surfed almost every major break across the Hawaiian Islands, his areas of inquiry lie at the intersection of theology, narrative anthropology, and the sociocultural implications of religious practice on individual and collective flourishing in the context of postmodernity, mimetic theory and the emerging culture of self-invention.